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Fringe is back! And we’re not just saying this because we’ve been watching celebrities at Coachella the past two weeks. Fringe is popping up on handbags, jackets, tops, jewelry and footwear. Whether this is a short term trend or is around to stay, there are many different opinions about its fashion worthiness.

Jeanne says: OMG I cannot believe fringe is back. I thought we buried fringe at the end of the hippie era (OK, unless one was a cowgirl, a gypsy or a flamenco dancer). All I can say is “ugh”. In case you can’t tell, I hate fringe. It inevitably looks sloppy and I have almost never seen fringe that could really be considered sophisticated. The only acceptable fringe to me is fringe that is less than an inch long and then its called a “raw edge”.

Kate says: Finally, a trend Mom and I both agree on hating! I don’t think I even liked fringe when it was in style in the 90s. I agree with Mom that fringe usually looks messy – and those hanging pieces get caught in things, start to fall off, get stuck in the car door… I think a classier fringe is a sort of 20s-flapper type fringe, which you can find on tops, skirts and dresses — still really impractical, but a little more finished looking.

We’ve found a few fringe options we can stomach — check them out:


Does anyone out there disagree? Speak up — why should we love fringe?


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1 Comment on Debate The Trend: Fringe

  1. Lana
    April 24, 2014 at 11:44 pm (4 years ago)

    Not much of a fringe fan either. I do like the things you chose though, especially the clutch!


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