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La Tour Eiffel | Two Take on Style

Do you ever have those time that you want an item of clothing SO BAD that you are willing to pay full retail. Then it arrives, you wear it once with great joy and….. you can never find another outfit where it belongs?

Well, that’s me with La Tour Eiffel sweater. I lusted after it and ordered it online early in the spring. It arrived — alas, too big. I returned it and re-ordered. It arrived and I wore it exactly once. I still love the IDEA of it, but the actual sweater not so much. It’s a little long, but not long enough to wear over the hips; it sorta has no shape and I like things more fitted.

There’s are several lessons here:

  • Nothing is really worth full retail EVER.
  • Even If your love is undeniable, give yourself two weeks before you buy.  In all likelihood, you’ll find another shiny object you like as much or better in that time – on sale!
  • If you STILL cannot forget it, force yourself to identify no fewer than five outfits to go well with the item before you buy.

I will keep trying to find things that go with La Tour Eiffel….it is a darling sweater, isn’t it?

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La Tour Eiffel | Two Take on Style

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