The Style Value of Belts


We are big proponents of belt-wearing as you can see if you flip through our past 18 months of blogging. Kate goes more for the bright-colored skinny belt while Jeanne relies more on wide belts in shades of black and brown. Both of us agree that belts can be important elements of stylish dressing.

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Jeanne says: Since I’ve been in the fashionista game for many years, I have an amazing collection of belts — wide, narrow, leather, fabric, metallic. I’ve found that investing in great belts is a wise fashion decision because, sooner or later, belt styles circle back and I can wear my older belts all over again!

I’d have to say that my very favorites are my widest belts and cumberbunds because they define the area between the waist and chest in the most flattering way. And I’ve always been a fan of wide hip belts over sweaters (a 70’s thing) and chain belts (probably an 80’s thing). Skinny belts don’t suit me the way they suit Kate — different body types. Oh yeah and I’ve found GREAT belts on Etsy!

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Kate says: I also love belts, and have a wide-ranging collection. Belts can completely change the look of a top or dress, or make something shapeless instantly flattering.

I do prefer skinny belts, even though I own a few wider ones. I find them more flattering on my shape — the wider belts can sometimes make my hips seem wider as well! I love to use belts as another accessory kind of like jewelry — I look to my belts to provide a pop of color or texture.

Some belts to check out:


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