“Lost in Translation”

lost in translation | Two Take on Style

What a great film, right? I thought this was an apt title for today’s blog post for several reasons that I’ll explain in the coming paragraphs.

First of all, Kate and I will truly be lost in translation over the next few weeks since we’ll be busy trying to understand the native tongue in Norway.  My husband and I have been planning to go for a number of months and now it’s turned out that Kate can join us for a week of our visit.  We are going to TRULY go on vacation and put the blog on hiatus until we return. You can still follow us both on Instagram while we’re away: janj913gmailcom and kabrobinson.  We’ll be back after September 28th.

Now onto the other “lost in translation” topic.  Friends, I have two topics where I JUST DON’T GET IT anymore.

  1.  New York Fashion Week – I am just so over the hype around this. We’ve been buried in interesting “street style” and reviews of fashion shows….or even just pics of fashion shows.  I can never remember any trends or fabulous dresses I’ve seen.  In fact, none of this couture fashion makes an impression until I see it on an actual person – in Bazaar or on some celebrity blog.   It’s depressing, but it simply feels like a week of celebrity photo ops and I don’t care!  “Lost in translation” to me!
  2. Secondly, why must bloggers instantly start writing about fall/winter fashion in the third week of August?  Aren’t we all still wearing summer clothes and maybe even anticipating a weekend at the beach?  I just don’t get it.  For those of us who show readers “what we wore”, it makes no sense at all.  I say, live your blogger life where your readers are:  still figuring out how to dress for hot weather.

Hmmm, maybe all this simply indicates that I NEED a vacation, but I don’t think so.  At the same time, by the time I return the London/Paris shows will be over and some bloggers will be wearing fall/winter clothes that the weather actually requires.  See you then!

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