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We’ve all dealt with the issue of getting rid of clothes we no longer wear or like.  Whether we’re trying to find more room in our closets, changing climates or ending careers, there is always a time when we are trying to figure out what to do with lightly-used clothes.

Back in the 20th century, I’ll tell you, there weren’t a lot of good options: haul old stuff to Goodwill or the equivalent and get a receipt for your taxes, give a few things to friends, or go to a brick and mortar consignment shop and cringe while the salesperson picked disdainfully through your items.  Or you could, as many people I know did, just carry the old clothes around for weeks in the trunk of your car!

But paring down your closet in today’s world is a very different experience.  Sure you can still drag your old stuff to Goodwill or a consignment operation down the street, but the real action has moved online.  Most of us have listed and sold something on eBay, but, let’s face it, that’s a crap shoot and rarely satisfying when it comes to clothes… and it’s so “nineties.” Today there are a number of websites making it easy to get rid of your old stuff and make some money.

poshmark | Two Take on Style


Kate and I have both used Poshmark.  It is easy peasy.  Download their app (yes, most things are managed through the app) and then take pics with your phone of the clothes, shoes and accessories you want to sell. The better the pics, the quicker your items will sell.  Upload your pics and descriptions following Poshmark’s easy directions and away you go.  Poshmark and its users also facilitate selling by holding thrice-daily “parties” where you can list appropriate items and having special shipping deals if you drop your price. Shoppers can make you offers and leave comments to ask questions. Once your items sell, you collect 80% (for sales over $15) to be spent on the Poshmark site or sent to you via direct deposit. If you want to try it, use code JBTYC to get $10 off your first order!

Check out Jeanne’s closet and Kate’s closet on Poshmark.

Tradesy | Two Take on Style


I asked Kate to tell us about Tradesy since she’s been using it for a while:

Tradesy is really quite similar to Poshmark. Sign up on their website, upload photos of the items you want to sell and the Poshmark folks will actually clean up your photos for you! Tradesy isn’t as buyer friendly (Poshmark does much more with the parties, shipping deals, etc), but I’ve still sold quite a few things on there. Tradesy also seems to be more of a destination for high-end items, so you may have more luck posting designer clothes and accessories. If you’re like me and super ambitious about selling your used clothes, you can post on both Poshmark AND Tradesy!

If you want to try it, use this link to get $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more.

Check out Kate’s closet on Tradesy.

ThredUp | Two Take on Style


Suppose you’ve had items listed on Tradesy and Poshmark for months and they aren’t selling and the pile of old clothes is beginning to bug you.  OR you just don’t want to bother with the whole thing. Now you can turn to Thredup.  Register on their site and ask them to send you a Clean Out Bag.  Throw in your old clothes and ship them off.  The ThredUp people will go through your stuff, determine what is salable (usually 40% or less) and list those items on their website for sale.  The rejected items are donated by ThredUp and off your plate.  All in all, a pretty easy way to sell your clothes and feel good about helping others who have less than you do.

Use this link to get $10 to spend on ThredUp.

If you haven’t tried one of these services, check them out!  Then you can happily join Marie Kondo’s world and keep only those items that spark joy.

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