Spring Style Challenge: Finding Denim Culottes

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I am pretty sure I had a pair of denim culottes or gauchos when I was in my 20s.  I wasn’t much of a hippie back then, but nothing could keep me from a culotte trend.  Here I am again lusting after denim culottes once again.  I actually think that denim culottes represent a fresher and cooler way to wear denim in warmer weather; skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans can get pretty hot even if they are cropped.  But culottes are looser and much cooler as I see it.

I’ve been scoping out denim culottes for a while now and I discern a couple of style options:

  • Light or dark denim – I think I prefer the darker denim since it is more slimming and looks more sophisticated.  Lighter denim just looks like “Coachella” style to me.
  • Wide or Narrow Leg – I vote for wide leg; otherwise the culottes just look like longer jeans that have been cut to the culotte length.  The wide leg also makes one’s waist and hips look smaller – always good in my book. And, by the way, virtually all the denim culottes I’ve seen are high-waisted!
  • Finished hem or distressed hem – Here I haven’t yet decided but I might lean towards the distressed because it’s a little more trendy and looks so chic with sandal heels!
  • Jumpsuit or Pants – I have seen some very cute denim culotte jumpsuits – sort of a grown up version of denim overalls.  Throw on a tee under the jumpsuit and one looks together but not like they are trying too hard.  However the right culotte denim jumpsuits are hard to find!
  • Long or Short – No discussion here.  Culottes that end just below the knee look dated no matter what they’re made off.

Anyway, want to join me on the denim culotte bandwagon?  Here are some of my favorites!

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  1. Mother & Daughter
    April 20, 2016 at 5:10 pm (2 years ago)

    I am not so sure about this look. I was never a culotte fan but love denim.


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