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Yes, it is the season – even out here in California where the rain has continued way past its expiration date (not complaining since we have a drought!).   What ARE the latest trends in rainwear?

We are supposed to think that knee high Hunter boots are the answer.  I have a confession:  Hunters don’t provide much support and they make my calves sweat!  At the same time, they are cute, so what is a girl to do?  There are lots of solutions here, but my favorite is to wear mid calf or ankle boots that look like moto boots.

Turning to raincoats.  I am very picky.  My raincoat has to be stylish or I am simply not wearing it.  Trench coats?  Do they REALLY keep us dry?  Patent leather with a hood?  That’s better.  Great jacket with a big collar that hides a hood?  The very best in my opinion.  What works for you?

Finally umbrellas and hats.  Personally, the umbrella is a better solution for me. but I typically buy a Target umbrella and use it until it falls apart.  I used to always have a Burberry umbrella:  cute and maybe a bit too predictable.  But there are lots of fabulous options here that can clearly demonstrate to the world who you are and what you stand for.

Unhappily, I look pretty awful in hats.  But there are wonderful rain hats around and all of you who look fabulous in hats should consider them.

Bottom line:  you can look just as chic as you do on a dry day when it is raining and blowing. Check out Shopstyle for more ideas.

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