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We addressed this topic early in the life of our blog and it seems like the right moment for an update.

First I must confess that it would be impossible for me to have a single pair of black pants – I mean, there are the perfect black JEANS, then the perfect black TROUSERS, and also the perfect black dress up PANTS.  Then there are four seasons and different climates and it goes on and on.  For the current season, I have four pairs of black pants I rely upon.

But I only have one pair of what I call the truly “perfect” black trousers.  Their characteristics:

  • The perfect shape – in my case these are narrow, but not too skinny, ankle pants. In general it is important that they are stylish but not TOO trendy.
  • The perfect fabric – For me, this is always wool crepe which can be worn three seasons a year, at least.  Wool crepe, if it is good, holds its shape and easily drops any wrinkles.  But your taste may be different; the best rule of thumb: know your fabric and how it wears and washes.
  • The perfect fit – I can get this with certain pants right off the rack, but you may need alterations.  Don’t shortchange this step – you want your essential black pants to look chic every time you wear them.
  • The perfect price – for me, this ends up being $150-$200 on sale in order to get all the characteristics I’m seeking.  Decide ahead of time on your price point.

Below are some black pants that have the potential to be perfect – and at a reasonable price!. Check them out!

See a few ways I’ve styled my black pants recently:

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