Style Challenge: The Upper Arm Dilemma

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Ugh, it is really summer now and I’m on the east coast.  So there is no way to avoid the upper arm dilemma.  You know what I mean – the wiggly underside of the upper arm and its companion creepy, crepey arm wrinkles.  We all know that, at a certain point, it doesn’t matter how many arm exercises we do, our older upper arms will betray us.  There is a plastic surgery procedure to trim off the wiggly underside, but NOTHING will hold back the wrinkles.

So, while everyone else – i.e. the young – is wearing sleeveless tops and dresses in the hot weather, those of us with the upper arm dilemma have to scrutinize our appearance even in short sleeved tees.

What are we to do?

  • Embrace the elbow length sleeve – look for light gauzy tops with loose, flowy elbow length sleeves, for example, or elbow length tee shirts.
  • Throw a light jacket or scarf (kimonos are great!) over bare arms and shoulders whenever you can.
  • Draw the eye away from your upper arms  – wear lots of jewelry, a snazzy belt, fabulous shoes or a low-cut top.
  • Be grateful for our overly-effective air conditioning because it means that a light sweater or jacket is almost mandatory when we’re indoors.
  • Suffer this indignity through the worst of the hot weather and celebrate when fall comes around and we can wear long sleeves again.

Check out the tops selected below.  All are examples of chic tops we can wear during the hot summer months and avoid exposing our upper arms.

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