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What We Wore: Cobalt

On Kate: Cardigan: J.Crew Factory (similar style, same color), Shirt: J.Crew (similar), Pants: J.Crew, Shoes: (similar, similar), Necklace: Target (similar, cute!)
On Jeanne: Cardigan: Kate Spade (similar, similar), Shirt: Banana Republic, Pants: Anthropologie (similar), Shoes: Talbots (similar), Watch: Cartier (similar), Bracelets: old (similar), Earrings: old (similar)

Kate says: I was a little nervous about this outfit. Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors, but I was worried that the cardigan over the gingham shirt would scream “nurse” or “librarian” instead of the desired “monochromatic!”. In the end, I think it worked, helped out by the clustered pearl necklace and black wedges.

Throughout the years, my mom has always owned at least one pair of super wide-leg pants – or so it seems to me! They seem to work better on her than on me because she has a much narrower frame than I do. This is probably a darker outfit than I would wear, but I like how the beading detail on the cardigan mirrors the buttons on the pants and her big black earrings.

Jeanne says: These trousers are probably five years old – from when wide pants were last in style. I bought this sweater on sale this summer and – voila – it works! This outfit follows the style adage to wear something fitted on the top when you wear something more voluminous on the bottom.  I agree with Kate – the shiny black on the earrings, bracelets, sweater and pants work together very well.

Kate’s outfit is young and fresh – and probably a little too casual for me except on Fridays.  The more casual gingham shirt plays off the pearl necklace very well. I would probably button the sweater and put on a narrow belt if I wore this because I need to have my waist highlighted or I look straight up and down.

What We Wore: Denim Shirts

Outfit Post: denim shirts
On Jeanne: Shirt: Banana Republic (similar), Pants: J.Crew, Sweater: Anthropologie (similar), Shoes: old (similar), Brooch: from craft show several years ago, Bracelets: old (similar). 
On Kate: Vest: Banana Republic (similar), Shirt: J.Crew, Pants: J.Crew Factory, Shoes: Aerosoles (similar)

Kate says: I love this sweater vest I got from Banana Republic a few years ago, but I really struggle with how to wear it. A flowy blouse looks too bohemian for my taste, but a white dress shirt can look too stuffy. This combo worked okay for me – I did like how the blue and brown in my leopard loafers really picked up the other colors in the outfit. The only thing I might change would be to wear a brighter necklace for a little more color.

Mom has lots of these long cardigans. She does a great job of pairing them with fun outfits so they look very stylish. I love how the red pants and blue denim shirt bring those tones out in the sweater. Very cute! I would probably have worn a belt with these pants – for some reason, I find shirts tucked into pants without a belt to be a little awkward.

Kate - Denim shirt

Jeanne says: I like this outfit because I love, love, love my red pants. They make me happy. I decided to try the denim shirt because they are so in style and it worked with the sweater. For the first time, I tried a brooch at the collar of the shirt and I liked how it turned out. What I DON’T like about this outfit is the gap between the buttons of the shirt. I am a big fan of “matchsticks” – double stick tape strips – and I forgot to use it that day. A word of advice: buy some and take a critical look at your outfit each day to see if you need to use some – particularly on button-down shirts or sweaters. Remembering these last details makes the difference between a fabulous polished look and a “meh” appearance.

I really like the mix of textures and fabrics in Kate’s outfit today. Her vest is darling with the colors picked up by her shoes (which have a blue tone you cannot see in this pic) and necklace. Casual yet chic. Although this post is about denim shirts, she could also mix a patterned shirt with this outfit. I also like her J.Crew denim shirt better than mine….just a little more “au courant”.

Jeanne Denim Shirt

How do you like to wear denim or chambray shirts? Any ideas for how to make sweater vest not look old man-ish?

What We Wore: Scarves

On Jeanne: Dress: Worth Collection (similar), Tights: similar, Boots: Frye, Scarf: similar
On Kate: Blazer: J.Crew Factory (similar, similar), Shirt: Banana Republic (similar style, similar color), Pants: Gap, Scarf: gift (similar), Shoes: Anthropologie (similar), Earrings: gift (similar)

Jeanne says: This is the last time this outfit will appear, because I have decided this dress has seen its last days. That’s always a hard decision with clothes that we love, but it is important to be objective about these matters. The dress is about ten years old. I’ve altered it and shortened it several times. The scarf is new (and purchased on sale). I regularly troll the sale sections of high end websites looking specifically for big scarves (25-36″ by 80″) that I can use many different ways. This is just one example.

Kate’s outfit is a subtler mix of textures and fabrics than mine. Her scarf is more muted and probably more versatile than mine is. She has on three layers on top – four with the scarf. I would probably eliminate the bottom layer since I don’t think it adds much to her look. I have been pushing Kate to wear pink-mauve for years because it looks so lovely with her complexion; hopefully these pictures will convince her for once and for all!

Kate says: This is one of those outfits that looked a lot cuter in person than on camera… or at least I hope! I don’t usually lean towards these more muted colors, but I like the way the earrings reflected the green in the scarf, and the blouse the pink.  If I were going to restyle this outfit, I think I would add a belt or tuck the blouse into a skirt – the non-fitted-ness of this outfit doesn’t do much for my body.

Mom really let the scarf be the star of her outfit, and this is a scarf that deserves it – lots of great, bright colors. I love how she left everything else very sleek, and the scarf really draws attention up to her face.


PS – We are working on our photos, so you WILL see better photography soon!

What We Wore: Collars

On Kate: Dress: Old Navy (similar), Shirt: J.Crew, Tights: Nicole Miller, Belt: hand-me-down from Jeanne (similar), Boots: Target, Necklace: Forever 21 (similar, similar) On Jeanne: Sweater: J.Crew (similar), Shirt: Boden, Pants: J.Crew, Shoes: Me Too

Kate says: This is a dress that I have had forever –  it might have been one of my first Old Navy purchases after Old Navy became “cool”. It’s made of this awesomely comfortable sweatshirt material. One of my favorite ways to wear it is layered with a collared shirt underneath – the shirt dresses it up a bit for work.

I love Mom’s outfit. This is another quirky combo that I would never have the guts to wear, but looks great on her.  The patterned pants are cute – I would probably pair them with a solid colored sweater or shirt, and I’d be more likely to wear the chicken sweater with jeans.

Jeanne says:  A new outfit for this year – all bought on sale from J. Crew. I love the sweater with the round collared blouse. You can see – if you follow our outfit blogs – that I favor straight ankle pants right now. Worn with the right shoes (flats or heels) they feel younger and fresher that floor length pants. You cannot see this too well, but my outfit includes a silly pink rhinestone pin which I think plays up the whimsy of the chicken sweater!

I also had the same dress Kate is wearing and it points up another good style lesson for older fashionistas:  it was so cute and cheap and I wanted to wear it with tights and flats. But there’s no way around it – too short and too young to look good on me. She has found a creative way to dress it up with the crisp white short and the belt. I love the ankle boots and tights. The only thing I would change? I’d turn back the cuffs of her shirt sleeves to balance the open collar a bit more.

What We Wore: Leopard Print

On Jeanne: Sweater: Free People (similar color, similar style), Shirt: Target (similar), Leggings: several years old (similar), Boots: similar, Scarf: Eileen Fisher (similar), jewelry: old (similar, similar) On Kate: Cardigan: J.Crew (similar), Shirt: J.Crew, Jeans: DL1961 (same stylesimilar), Boots: hand-me-down from Jeanne (similar), Necklace: Target (similar)

Jeanne says: This is a casual Friday outfit and it is comprised of pretty inexpensive, on sale items or items recycled from past years. This is one advantage moms have over their daughters  – we’ve had the chance to collect accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc.) over time and we can recycle them as styles evolve! I was experimenting here – trying to avoid the matchy-matchy approach I am so comfortable with. The sweater and scarf are basically olive green and this is mixed with the brown and the rest of the outfit.

Kate looks cute as always. Again she shows her ease in throwing interesting things together regardless of whether they match. The funny thing is that Kate’s black jeans COULD be leggings in this outfit and she’d look great! She has on DL1961 jeans and there is a style lesson here. Kate has tried on lots of designer jeans, but she has learned that the DL1961 brand flatters her figure and, when she can afford it, she goes back to the brand of jeans that suits her best. I do this with Paige jeans for the same reason. This makes it possible to buy designer jeans on line when they are discounted because we know our sizes and the brands that suit us best.

Two Take on Style Jeanne

Kate says: This was a casual weekend outfit while we were out of town. I wanted to be comfortable but also stylish at the same time, and I usually fall back on my chambray shirt in these situations!  It’s difficult to find that balance between looking trendy and stylish, and looking like you are trying too hard.

Mom uses her leopard print as a layering piece here, which looks cute peeking through her open-knit sweater. This is another outfit that looks really cute on Mom, but that I probably wouldn’t wear. I’ve been slow to embrace leggings (although I’m looking for my first pair now), and I often feel like these longer, looser sweaters make me look twice my size. Mom is smaller than I am, and can pull them off much better.

What We Wore: Pink

On Kate: J.Crew Factory cardigan (similar), Old Navy shirt (similar), Gap pants, J.Crew belt (similar), Anthropologie shoes (similar), Loft Outlet necklace (similar)

On Jeanne: vintage cardigan (similar), J.Crew shirt (similar), J.Crew pants (similar), Frye shoes (similar), vintage necklaces (similar), Michael Kors watch

Kate says: This outfit was born from wanting to wear this cardigan with a belt. It is a super comfy thin cotton cardigan in a much “flowier” style than I often wear. This summer I wore it a lot thrown over a tank top for a casual look. So I turned that summer look into a work-appropriate outfit by pairing it with a blouse and a belt. This made it look a little crisper and put-together.

I love this outfit on my mom!  The pink and beige sweater is so cute, and she always does a great job of layering color, texture and pattern. I would probably have been nervous to wear the polka dot pants with a sweater and top that are almost an outfit in themselves, but she looks great! If I were wearing the polka dot pants, I’d play it safer with a solid pink sweater or collared shirt.

Jeanne says: I was so happy with this outfit. These pants are a silk/wool mix and I LOVE them. On the other hand, I have had a hard time mixing the sweater with other items. I was delighted to find the pink top to wear with it and then, lo and behold, I found my pink necklace! I am wearing two necklaces here to create a more luxe and dramatic look. It also gives me more looks with fewer pieces of jewelry.

I covet the sweater Kate is wearing. It was a great sale buy on her part. It could be worn to look businesslike with a pencil skirt or more casual. She has found the middle ground here. I like her belted look – Kate typically is more creative with her use of belts and mixing of colors and textures than I am. I have to fight the urge to have everything matchy-matchy. I might change it up with a blue patterned shirt with the sweater or a skinny jean.

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