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Lately, on Instagram

peach sweatercoat and print pants | Two Take on Style

Here are a few favorites from Instagram lately. And Kate is back for a cameo – including her first work-from-home OOTD!

Kate’s Instagram | Jeanne’s Instagram

peach sweatercoat and print pants | Two Take on Style

Moth sweater via Anthropologie (similar), J. Crew pants (majorly on sale!), Addison top (similar), Mango shoes (similar), Target necklaces (similar), Chico ring (similar)

mint top and print maxi skirt | Two Take on Style

C. Wonder top (similar), GAP Factory Store maxi skirt (similar)

Anthropologie maxi skirt | Two Take on Style

Maeve skirt via Anthropologie (similar), Asos shirt (similar), J. Crew sweater, Forever 21 sandals (similar), Alexis Bittar earrings (similar)

neon tee and jeans | Two Take on Style

J.Crew tee (similar color), Levi’s jeans (similar)

cape top with print pants | Two Take on Style

Free People top (similar), Asos pants (similar), J. Crew shoes (similar), old necklace (similar)

embroidered top, skirt and oxfords | Two Take on Style

Skies Are Blue top via Golden Tote (similar), J.Crew skirt (similar), Steve Madden oxfords (similar), Bauble Bar necklace

pink shirt with red pants | Two Take on Style

Mango shirt (similar), Mango pants (similar), J. Crew belt (similar), Sole Society shoes (similar), J. Crew earrings (similar), Kenneth Jay Lane ring

striped dress with pearls and sandals | Two Take on Style

Joe Fresh dress (similar), Loft Outlet necklace (similar), Target sandals (similar)

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Changes Around Here

home office

Kate says: I’m starting a new job today and I’ll be working from home. Awesome, right? I’m already dreaming up how to put together an adorable home office and whether I can rig up my own standing desk.

But of course… working from home TOTALLY changes my wardrobe. I can’t exactly sit around my second bedroom in a pencil skirt and heels. So I’ve got to rethink how to feel professional while wearing significantly more casual clothes.

I’ve read several times that getting up and getting dressed, even if you don’t have to, can have a large impact on feeling like you’ve shifted into “work” mode. Plus I expect to be using video chat quite a bit, so Mom and I have been joking about looking professional from the waist up! So I’ll be upping my casual game — I’m thinking nicer t-shirts, jeans, and comfy cotton dresses.

What does this mean for the ol’ blog? Well, not getting dressed for work makes taking photos of my outfits really not interesting. So I’m going to be taking a backseat moving forward and let Mom be the star of the show. I’ll still be helping out in the background and making the occasional cameo. And if you’re interested in what I am wearing while working at home, I’ll still keep up my Instagram account.

When we started this blog, the plan was to have something fun to work on together and to share our love of style with others. And we’ve accomplished both of those things! Now it’s time for Mom to take over — and let’s be honest, she can carry this blog all on her own with her sense of style.

So there may be some more changes coming as Mom figures out what this space looks like when the two of us aren’t “taking on style”, but we’ll still be here sharing outfit photos and ideas.

Print of The Week: Gingham

gingham | Two Take on Style

gingham | Two Take on Style1 / 2 / 3

Today we’re starting a new series on prints and patterns in fashion.  We’ll start with timeless and universally loved gingham.  It is one of our favorite apparel prints and it happens to also be very “hot” this season.

Essentially, gingham is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “a cotton cloth that often is marked with a pattern of colored squares”.  It has been around since the early 1600s and the word is a modification of Malay “genggang” or striped cloth.  Who knew?  We’ve probably all see these iconic actresses in gingham.

gingham | Two Take on Style1 / 2

Gingham has been used beautifully in “High Street” fashion and by many less expensive apparel brands.  It looks as cute on children as it does fashioned into a bikini or spread on a picnic table!  Here are some gingham looks we love:

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What We Want Wednesday

lace top

Jeanne says: First, let me update you on my hunt for the perfect midi length shirt dress. The Asos dress I ordered didn’t work — too sheer and too fragile.  Now I’ve found another dress on sale at Urban Outfitters.  It is not white, but could be just as fresh and summery looking. Fingers crossed (at least the price is right!).

My next quest is for flat white shoes for summer. I want either a pointy loafer-like flat or an actual pair of loafers. In my dreams, I’d buy a pair of Tod’s or Gucci’s. I can see these with boyfriend jeans and work-appropriate trousers.

white loafers

1 / 2

These might be impractical but would be a fresh new look for me.

Here are a few white loafers I am considering:

Will I buy? Well, I’m going to try the Topshop and Misguided versions and I’ll let you know how they work out!

Kate says: An update on my search for leopard flats — Mom got this cute Vince Camuto pair for me for my birthday, and I think I like them. Check out the cute heel detail!

Now I’m on the hunt for a new lace top. Right now I have a peplum version, but it’s a little short on me. I’d like to find a new white lace top that is versatile and feminine – and not too expensive.

lace top

1 / 2 / 3

Here are some I’m looking at:

What are you on the hunt for?

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Revisiting the Sneaker Craze

sneakers revisited | Two Take on Style

sneakers revisited | Two Take on Style

1 / 2

Sitting on the sidelines during our shopping diet doesn’t keep us from observing trends (or continually lusting over fresh new spring designs.) Case in point: the continuing craze for sneakers…with everything.

If you saw any pictures of street style during the past month, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Sneakers are everywhere. When we discussed this trend a while back, neither of us were really fans.

But roll the months forward to spring ’15 and our perspective could be changing slightly. The kicks out now are amazing and, for sneakers, even beautiful. We’re still not sure we’d wear these with anything other than casual pants or jeans, but at least the trend is becoming a bit more tempting!

Here are some sneakers that we may be saving for dress up simply because they are so beautiful!


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Tattoos as Fashion Statement

Today we’re reposting one of our most popular posts — ever! — so we hope you enjoy this oldie but goodie!

tattoos collage

1 / 2 / 3

As we’ve been reading through fashion and style blogs, we’ve been pondering the role of tattoos as a component of personal style. We know that body ink is everywhere; in fact, we both have tattoos that that we got together — they are small, mostly covered up, and, of course, chic. But our tattoos aren’t really part of our personal style since they aren’t visible.

We’re really thinking more about those women whose tattoos are visible. We’re thinking about fashionistas like these:

Jeanne says: I think tattoos are a fashion statement in that they are body adornment just like jewelry and clothes. Those who have tattoos make a deliberate choice to get “inked” in a way that the world can see and usually see their tattoos as an extension of their beliefs, personal experiences, etc. Isn’t this the same role that clothes and accessories play for each of us? We make a decision to get our ears or noses pierced, we choose to be goth or preppy or sporty. To me, it’s all the same. I personally think that small visible tattoos are attractive and can enhance the look of an ankle, finger or inner wrist. Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest:

Jeanne tattoo

1 / 2 / 3

Kate says: I agree that tattoos are definitely a fashion statement, albeit a permanent one. Tattoos are essentially an accessory that you choose wear forever — hence why deciding to get one is a big decision. You have to live with it for the rest of your life! Visible tattoos especially come to define your appearance to everyone you meet.

I probably like tattoos more that Mom realizes. Especially when a tattoo both represents something meaningful and also is visually appealing. In fact… I am planning to get another tattoo at some point in the near future, and one that is more visible than my first one. Here are some examples that really hit that “beautiful tattoo” mark for me:

kate tattoo

1 / 2 / 3

How do you feel about tattoos as a fashion statement?

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MM LaFleur: Jeanne’s Review

MM LaFleur | Two Take on Style

MM LaFleur | Two Take on Style

MM LaFleur is another website that delivers a box of 5 to 8 items of clothing to a customer’s door based on lifestyle and fit and style preferences. I decided to check them out and here is my review.

I thought the MM LaFleur website looked promising since they seem to specialize in work clothes. So I ordered a MM LaFleur box after answering a lengthy online questionnaire about my lifestyle and style preferences. When the box arrived, I was impressed by the chic presentation (see above). Things looked promising! There was even a wonderful saying inside the box top!

MM LaFleur | Two Take on Style

Below are pictures of the items I received  As you can see, MM LaFleur’s focus is on apparel with very simple and conservative shapes in darker shades.

MM LaFleur MM LaFleur

MM LaFleur MM LaFleur

MM LaFleur MM LaFleur

The box also included an ivory skinny belt and four little notebooks (cute but sorta hard to wear!).

I can easily envision many women wearing these clothes to work — especially in more corporate work environments and these dresses would be great for going from work to an evening out. And if professional women are busy and have no time to shop, the MM LaFleur service could be very handy. The price point of these clothes is higher than other similar services I’ve seen, but people who don’t have the time or interest in bargain shopping might not be bothered by this.

My personal style, however, is a bit different. Sadly, everything in my box is going back. I did go back to the MM LaFleur website to see if I could find something that suited my style better. And just look at this fabulous scarf!

MM LaFleur

Bottom line: Good presentation through the mail, easy to use website, prompt delivery, and clothes that aren’t for me, but would be great for women who need or prefer more conservative apparel. Check it out!

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