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Dressing for Travel

Dressing for Travel | Two Take on Style

Dressing for Travel | Two Take on Style

Shop similar items: gray jeans, tunic sweater, booties

I spent many years traveling for business, but I never had to “dress for travel”  because I was always in business ensembles.  Because of that experience, I continued to think carefully about what I wore for traveling when that part of my career ended.  I always wanted to look sophisticated and well-dressed – like maybe I was still a road warrior.

Dressing for Travel | Two Take on Style

Shop similar items: vest, flannel shirt, booties

As the years passed, I slowly changed my travel apparel to reflect two things: 1) the fact that most people were dressing down and I stuck out, and 2) the fact that I wanted and needed to be comfortable – you know, i case I had to spend the night on the floor in the airport or really run to catch a train.

Dressing for Travel | Two Take on Style

Shop similar items: faux fur vest, distressed jeans, ghillies

Now I follow some simple guidelines which I thought I would share:

  •  Wear clothing that you plan to wear in some combination at your destination. If I wear leggings, I know they can double as exercise tights once I arrive.  I will wear a duster sweater (bulky to pack) and then wear it later in my trip. This also presumes that I have picked a base color for my travel wardrobe of either black, navy, or a shade of brown.

Dressing for Travel | Two Take on Style

Shop similar items: sweater dress, leggings, booties

  • Wear fabrics that don’t wrinkle or show dirt. I know I’ll want to wear this apparel again later in my trip so it has to be durable.  I also don’t want to look disheveled upon my arrival.

Dressing for Travel | Two Take on Style

Shop similar items: sweater, shirt, leggings, backpack, sneakers

  • Wear cute AND comfortable shoes. Nothing is worse than finding out that your shoes are uncomfortable halfway to your gate.  I used to always wear a shoe with a heel (because I wanted to be taller than everyone else), but I have gradually shifted to certain low heels, cute flats, or sneakers.
  • Organize your clothing layers before you leave. Perhaps, like me, you fly from California to the East Coast in winter.  I don’t need a coat on the front end but I’ll surely need one on the back end.  So my winter coat is packed with gloves or mittens on the top of my bag for easy access after I land.  Then there is the issue of staying warm and comfortable on the plane.  I always carry a big scarf, an eye mask and earplugs.
  • Wear makeup and take the time to look nice! You never know who you’ll meet on the plane and don’t you ultimately just want to look better than everyone else you’re with?

Dressing for Travel | Two Take on Style

Shop similar items: sweater, shirt, loafers

  • Carry a chic carryall or backpack in addition to your handbag.  What’s in mine? Earplugs, eye mask, big scarf, all my medications, my jewelry bag, reading materials, nutritious snacks, water, the newspaper and my computer and mouse.  In the handbag (always!): Kleenex, ID, phone with boarding pass displayed, Ibuprofin, mouth freshener, lipstick, credit cards and cash.

Take a look at these great items for your next travel day.

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A VERY Different Look at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Of course, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (or “NAS”, as we’ve seen it called!) has been covered everywhere on the style and fashion blogosphere, but it’s our observation that all the blog coverage centers on women’s clothes and accessories. We’re taking a different look at everything (almost) besides women’s apparel, shoes and accessories. Hope you like it!

To start with, why only look in the women’s section to find great accessories? We found a few in the men’s section that are worth considering:

Where better to find the big watches that are all the rage right now? Take a look at these two beauties and we’ll bet that they are both less expensive than comparable women’s watches.

A well-worn and very chic messenger bag? Here’s a pricey version to consider.

There are many items in the Home section of the Anniversary Sale that are very well-priced and chic:

Put a bird on it?  How about these two darling decor pillows?  (Kate’s favorite home decor colors!)

And who doesn’t want this in the master bedroom?

Next let’s turn to some items – yes, for women – that are ONLY available online.

First, great workout capris at a very good price:


Jeanne loves this dress which would work as a dress, jumper with a tee shirt underneath, and as a long vest!


Backpacks are really in right now and this one is very well-priced:

Finally why aren’t bloggers featuring NAS jewelry deals?  Here’s a darling one for you:


So, as you go through the sale items on line, don’t forget to broaden your horizons! You might find items you really love in unexpected places! Happy shopping!

What items do you have your eye on at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

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