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Spring Trends as We See Them

Kate and I both have very nuanced views of the spring fashion trends this year – me because I am about to re-retire and Kate because she is pregnant.  But we can both still spot a few of the trends for spring and summer 2016!

I’ll start:

Embroidered/boho dresses, tops, and details:  As you already know, I was trying out this trend a few weeks ago when I was searching for an age-appropriate boho dress.  Boho details are everywhere:  in fabrics that look like my college bedspreads and fanciful embroidery and beading.  The trick here, in my opinion, is to obviously find ways to incorporate the styling so it suits each of us.  I fully embrace the details:  fabulous chandelier earrings, embroidered casual dress, maybe a bit of beading.

Wide-Legged Pants:  I used to have a number of these voluminous trousers – the last few times this style was “in”!  They are gorgeous, floaty, and make our waists look smaller.  I bought one pair for this spring and it was almost a sentimental acquisition because this is not a look I’ll be wearing much after retirement!   Well maybe if I dress up in the evening… If YOU want a pair, just remember to watch your step.  I have taken a face plant several times when my heel caught in my voluminous wide-legged pants.  Oh, and consider jeans as a way to follow this trend – high waist, wide legged jean – very chic.

Hi, it’s Kate.  To tell you the truth, I am barely paying attention to fashion this spring – unless it comes in maternity sizes and is cheap! But I see a few trends I like (that are basically standbys at this point) that have made it through my pregnancy brain.

White Sneakers:  With everything!  And since I can still rely on shoes to fit, I’ve invested in a new pair for spring. Crisp white sneaks dress down a dress, and add a preppy touch to an edgy outfit. And I can’t complain about comfortable shoes being in. If you have a pregnant friend who hasn’t adopted this trend, clue them in pronto!

Striped t-shirts:  You, me, and Audrey Hepburn.  I have a black and white striped tee that I will be wearing until my due date.  Seriously, Breton striped shirts are hot this year (as every year) and you should get at least one, if you haven’t already.  Maybe they look a little (or a lot) preppy, but they also look fresh and go with almost everything – think pattern-mixing, white jeans, layered over a button up shirt.

What spring trends are YOU watching?

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My Style Challenge: Finding Age-Appropriate Boho Dresses

boho dresses

boho dresses

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Since last fall, I’ve been lusting after a great boho dress of midi or maxi length and not many ruffles or other details.  I envision myself wearing this look with books and a moto jacket or a wide belt in cooler weather and with sandals in the summer.  Of course in my DREAMS, I’m running across a flower-strewn field barefoot with my long hair blowing in the wind.  But back to reality.

The reality is that it is not easy to find such a dress that is really age appropriate, or at least one I’d be willing to wear.  Again my criteria:  sleeves, no prairie ruffles, midi or maxi length, not sheer, modest neckline and somewhat flattering.  I’ve perused Zara (where this season’s fashion is designed to look good only on Kendall Jenner!), Free People (the home of boho, right?), Urban Outfitters (second home of boho), ModCloth, and, finally, Nordstrom (because they have everything current just designed for normal people…).  What did I find?

  • Many boho dresses have a surfeit of hanging ties, fringe and the like
  • There are a lot of elastic waists and designs that are muu muu like
  • Most are still short – even mini length
  • Many have deep v necklines
  • Finding a really pretty print is not easy
  • These dresses often don’t come cheap

To be fair, I did find a handful that I would consider and maybe those odds aren’t bad in today’s fashion marketplace.  See if you like any of my finds!

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