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Style Challenge: The Upper Arm Dilemma

upper arm dilemma | Two Take on Style

upper arm dilemma | Two Take on Style

Ugh, it is really summer now and I’m on the east coast.  So there is no way to avoid the upper arm dilemma.  You know what I mean – the wiggly underside of the upper arm and its companion creepy, crepey arm wrinkles.  We all know that, at a certain point, it doesn’t matter how many arm exercises we do, our older upper arms will betray us.  There is a plastic surgery procedure to trim off the wiggly underside, but NOTHING will hold back the wrinkles.

So, while everyone else – i.e. the young – is wearing sleeveless tops and dresses in the hot weather, those of us with the upper arm dilemma have to scrutinize our appearance even in short sleeved tees.

What are we to do?

  • Embrace the elbow length sleeve – look for light gauzy tops with loose, flowy elbow length sleeves, for example, or elbow length tee shirts.
  • Throw a light jacket or scarf (kimonos are great!) over bare arms and shoulders whenever you can.
  • Draw the eye away from your upper arms  – wear lots of jewelry, a snazzy belt, fabulous shoes or a low-cut top.
  • Be grateful for our overly-effective air conditioning because it means that a light sweater or jacket is almost mandatory when we’re indoors.
  • Suffer this indignity through the worst of the hot weather and celebrate when fall comes around and we can wear long sleeves again.

Check out the tops selected below.  All are examples of chic tops we can wear during the hot summer months and avoid exposing our upper arms.

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What Jeanne Wore: Last Bit of Summer White

white dress, print cocoon sweater | Two Take on Style

white dress, print cocoon sweater | Two Take on Style

Zara dress (similar), Eloise kimono (similar), Vince Camuto belt (similar), Forever 21 shoes (similar), J. Crew earrings (similar), old bracelets (similar)

white dress, print cocoon sweater | Two Take on StyleI deliberately saved this outfit to wear AFTER Labor Day to support the concept that we CAN wear summer white in early fall.  Maybe the shoes aren’t going to work for you in cooler climes, but the rest of this outfit will.

The most wondrous part of this ensemble is my new kimono which would look equally smashing with a black turtleneck and black trousers – or even a wintry sweater dress, right? It is always a good idea to seek out pieces like this – perfect and floaty for summer and just as fabulous in fall and winter.white dress, print cocoon sweater | Two Take on Style

Shop our picks:

See other ways we’ve worn summer white:

summer white | Two Take on Style

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What Jeanne Wants Friday

kimono | Two Take on Style

kimono | Two Take on Style

Hmm, that is not as alliterative as “What We Want Wednesday”, is it?  I DO miss having Kate out front with me on the blog.  But, regardless, I still lust after certain articles of clothing.

Today I am lusting after a kimono-style jacket.  I figure that, even when I retire again, a fabulous kimono jacket will look great with jeans and a tee or black trousers and a black turtleneck.  I’ve been searching high and low and I’ve established some criteria:  NO fringe, no cheap looking fabric.  This is easier said than done (as you will know if you’ve looked for kimonos).

Kate and I were in Tokyo a while back and we bought several used hapi coats in a street bazaar – I loved these but I’m really looking for something that goes to the mid-thigh and does not wrap or fasten.  And kimonos are quite handy – even serving as a robe or a beach cover-up when one is traveling!

This is not an easy search because, this year, kimono jacket means anything that resembles a loose printed boho jacket with wide sleeves.  But here are a few I am thinking about:


I’ve already ordered the Anthro kimono you see above, and I might order the graphic stripe print kimono from Topshop!

Desire fulfilled?  We’ll see.

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Fashion Forward Street Style We’ll Be Wearing in Six Months

In general, we don’t pay too much attention to the various Fashion Weeks that take throughout the year. Sure, we’re interested in the trends, but it always takes awhile for the trends to trickle down to the style level where we live. That’s probably true for many of us, right?

However, it is interesting to peruse the pictures of street fashion happening outside the couture shows because there one can see fashionable elements that will reach our level in, perhaps, another six months. So in that vein, here are a few fashion ideas from the recent European street scene.

Culottes and Knotted Shirts

Culottes and Knotted Shirts – We’ve been watching the wide-legged culotte trend and we think we’ll see more in the months to come. Culottes look great with both boots and heels and are a fresh look for winter. We also expect to see the knotted shirt trend to continue since it’s an easy way to make a proper blouse look more casual and a little different.

Kimono-Like Jackets

The Looser, Kimono-like Jacket – We’ve already heard a lot about this trend but we think this will become a bigger fashion statement in the months to come especially in evening wear. Whether in silk-like fabrics or heavier knits, we predict that this look will be big by the winter holidays.



matching prints

Matching Print Tops and Bottoms – We’ve seen this look with a skirt and a slightly cropped top already, but we think this trend will move ahead to embrace both skirts and pants (without the crop feature).

kimono jacket

Round-Shouldered Coats and Jackets – Everyone has declared this a trend and we think it will filter down to our level of street wear.

full skirt

Full Midi Skirts – There is no question that this trend is on the way. We’ve seen it on some fashion-forward bloggers too and we’re sure to be wearing it by winter. Stay tuned to our blog since we’ll be writing more about this particular trend later this week

So do you agree with our assessment of the incoming trends?  What other styles do you see coming on strong this winter?

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